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:Naina Sanskratik Vikas Prashikshan Sansthan
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:Societies Reg. Act 1860 11/05/2000 11/05/2020.
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:Naina Sanskratik Vikas Prashikshan Sansthan
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Increase of agriculture prodection

vegetable practice By SRI
Published on May 18, 2017, 7:18 am

Here the Lift irrigation system has been implemented in a ravine area (with vary undulating topography) and two sub-system have been installed to cover about 64 acres of lands. Most of the work as per design is completed. A few farmers have started using the system. However, it was found that farmers are facing difficulties in controlling the water discharged at outlets. Farmers themselves have started developing their lands with field bunding. This is very healthy indication. One farmer has adopted deep pit method to grow a few plants of chilli and brinjal. These showed promising result. It is reported that one chilli plant produced 900 gram of green chilly in single picking. The brinjal plants showed very good growth (with 70 odd fruits hanging from its branches). Suggestions and scope for improvement: A tank could be constructed at a selected outlet to demonstrate proper control over water discharged from the outlet. It was found that land condition with its steep slopes is not very conducive for practicing normal irrigation methods. The project demands innovative ways to manage irrigation water effectively. This has been discussed with the community. Pradeep would help in designing the tank and help Naina to implement it.Deep pit method of vegetables cultivations could be further tried in coming kharif season to promote vegetables in hill slopes. This would demonstrate the potential of vegetables cultivation in such terrain without investment terracing.

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