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Career Guidance Outreach Programme

Partners In The Projects :Municipal Schools, Community Organizations
Life Impacts :Helping the students to choose right career course
Time Duration :July to Jan (Every year
Total Cost :400000
AwardedByCertified by :No need of certification as we are guiding the students
Awarded By :Presented article on IASSW (International Association of School of Social Work), One of the finalists of NISC-2014 (NSDC Innovations for Skills Challenge 2014), received Indian Achievers Award for Educational Excellence
Complete Address :Municipal schools of Navi Mumbai and community organisations 400709
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Brief Description :We conduct Career guidance workshops for municipal school students who are studying in class 8 and above which has 4 components. Conducting Aptitude, Interest and Personality Tests of students Creating awareness about different career Options, Proper Guidance and Motivation as per their ability, aptitude and interest Counseling for Parents and Information on financial aid
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