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Community Radio station

Partners In The Projects :karnataka state government and govt of India
Life Impacts :Benefits of Community Radio Station CR as name indicates is from the community for the community and to the community where a success of any CRS is depending on community involvement and community must consider CRS as their own and help in sustaining
Time Duration :50 years
Total Cost :2800000
AwardedByCertified by :Ministry of information and broad costing govt of india
Awarded By :Ministry of information and broad costing govt of india
Complete Address :Bettdapura village Periyapatna taluk karnataka state 571107 571107
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Brief Description :As a well established organisation in community development for 15years, we at HEARDS Foundation, understand that the communications for social change as a process of dialogue, through which people define their needs and decide steps to be taken in order to empower their own lives, HEARDS Foundation is embarking on taking a leap towards achieving objectives of comprehensive community development though media which is Community Radio- Voice to the Voiceless
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