Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Published on August 19, 2017, 3:01 pm

Training & skill upgradation to enhance your core competencies. Indian growth story is marked with paradox of accelerated economic progress on one hand and extreme social and economic inequality on the other. Training and capacity building of CSR team is an investment of a long-term to make the work force effective and efficient in achieving organizational goals. Training is essential because CSR itself is at nascent & developing stage, simultaneously the socio-economic and cultural scenario of India is completely different from western world. Company’s responsibility & social needs also varies from place to place. We endeavor to impart our knowledge for practical, affordable & feasible CSR practices. CSR today is not only relevant but it is the statutory requirement for your business as per the Indian Companies Act 2013 [2% of net profit to be spent on CSR Activities by the companies covered under sec. 135 of The Companies Act 2013]. This is a great opportunity to work for inclusive growth of the society and nation building process. Challenges Social risks for businesses, growing voluntary activism, stakeholders expectations, regulatory compliances, transformation of CSR concept from charity to sustainability, Investment of 2% hard earned profit in order to leverage the societal inclusive growth by their responsible initiatives to achieve business sustainability and lastly the most important is the absence of trained & skilled CSR professional to deliver impactful & compatible result to give return of investment in the form of inclusive growth. Our objective is to support corporate to increase their core competencies & managerial efficiencies for effective & efficient investment of 2% net profit in the social sector development. This needs well trained & skilled workforce for this we endeavor to make their CSR workforce to understand corporate and social needs, methodology of need identification, strategic planning, creation of frame work, meeting regulatory & bench marking expectations, Reporting & communication planning and management, lastly how to align CSR with business process. Our Training programs are easy to understand, interactive, comprehensive, structured and developed for Indian socio economic cultural and political conditions that enables your Organization’s CSR team to acquire knowledge, skill and valuable insights into various alternatives that help your CSR to maintain the competitive edge in the long term. Tailor made training module are designed as per the requirement, business type, location to address the business challenges faced by the corporate for augmenting the growth process. We make an effort to groom CSR workforce to lead inclusive growth and business, achieve their objectives and meet the emerging requirements as well understand future demand. Our team woks under the leadership and guidance of experienced professionals. The trainers are passionate & delivered in the field of CSR. Programs are well designed to strengthen workforce in execution of the multi faced complex CSR with ROI to the corporate. The team at training programs intend to make the workforce proficient in decision making, planning, frame working, implementation, communication, monitoring and capable to foresee future requirement of the business & society. The team is capable enough to recast the program as per the requirement of the workforce.