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About Us

About us

Sociostark is an attempt to bridge the gap between the available resources as, we have every resource to make this world a better place to live, but we try individually or unable to connect, we forget the power of togetherness or you can say networking. An initiative to connect the most valuable resource of a society or a country to keep it on front foot of developing world i.e. learning, getting associated and organized. It can simply be categorized under knowledge, Alliance & Institution that an individual, society or country Needs and desires for growth and development.

India a Country where we have 3.3million NGO’s, working at grass root level to world issues with active staff and volunteer support of more than 300 million working from 12 million registered offices and infrastructures situated in varied regions, places, villages, cities and metros of India.

We have more than 760 universities, 54 Boards of secondary and senior secondary education, 1.7 million schools, more than 80 thousand Private and stand alone institutes, Teaching staff strength 9.9 million.

We talk about youngest India since independence i.e. 54% population is below the age of 25yrs , but forget we also have most experienced population on the basis of retirement age and experience of more than 25years in various field i.e.18% only 20% out total number of retired personal get desired opportunity rest keep searching and give rest to their career, but they forget what they posses, which don’t need any post or qualification, that is experience - more the experience better the knowledge.

And still we are unable to provide most basic needs to the deprived population because we are not connecting to make this world better but commercializing it just for monetary benefits with having only economic agendas.

Sociostark is initiative to connect individuals, groups and organization for greater good for a better world which only together we can.

1. Knowledge Partner

For researchers, academicians, Teachers, Guide, Mentor, Trainer, Instructor or Guru or a person with a skill which can be developed into course, can be taught and learned, or a head position bearer who can share his knowledge can register on the portal as Knowledge partner and utilize the free course, publication and machine learning development tools with effective social marketing channels without paying any charges.

A platform that lets you customize & create a online store and products, as per your requirement. It allows creation of unlimited products. Powerful widgets simplify addition of banners, images and content to a web page. Make changes to the content of the store pages using the on page customization tools. Right from the placement of order, to the payment and delivery completion, support gets you through all of it. Build online Products here and manage order, center and completion for all orders from a single panel. Generate invoices for track shipments using advanced store administration panel. Allow customers to track their orders and stay updated on the latest status.

Manage your existing products for B to C and B to B, upload and smartly sell online. Providing features as a comprehensive management system to manage your products. Simple web User interface to add new products to the store, manage product description, price, and targeted audience. Powerful bulk tools allow addition of multiple products and modification of product information.

Powerful online Knowledge platform offered as a hosted solution - which helps you to build online networking. The model ensures you get a robust and high performance platform without having to worry about software upgrades and hardware maintenance. Create online Learning and Knowledge network with features like language support, voice change support to help you increase your sales.

To sell online, it gets mandatory for your business to mark it's space over prominent Social Networks. Attract customers on social networks. Share information about your store on social networking platforms allowing customers to engage with your courses using social sharing features.

  • 2. Alliance Partner

    India having at least 3.3 million NGO’s registered and working from grass root level to world issues with active staff and volunteer support of more than 300 million working from 12 million registered offices and infrastructures situated in varied regions, places, villages, cities and metros .

    With new generation trend to fund for a cause on special days.(eg. Birthday, Anniversary or tributary)where an individual can fund, donate and support the cause. Whereas platform will also solve the issue to outreach and verify NGO partners for CSR funding. Development of online outreach plan and catalogue support to NGO’s with auditing. Listing of completed projects with their pitching projects. A holistic comparison of feasibility of the pitched projects.

    Bridging the gap of NGO & Corporate collaboration through dedicated team to attract CSR funding through corporate and larger organizations, fellowship and grant to be easily reached through online verification and collaboration supports.

    A portal not only providing information of NGO but details of their completed projects and upcoming projects, reports, reviews, videos and complete information.

    The above all registered NGO have mandatory to have an office which can be utilized for the social benefit with collaboration as partner support . Utilization of NGO centers as infrastructure support for education purposes and on service charge basis. Support to develop learning centers to joining hands for education for all.

    3. Institutional Partners

    Total number of registered institute in India 2012-2013

    1,563,352 Pre-Degree/Junior Colleges/Higher Sec. Schools + High/Post Basic Schools + Middle/Sr. Basic Schools + Primary/Jr. Basic + Deemed Schools+ Colleges for Professional Education + Polytechnics

    with uncountable number of coaching and tuition centers with growth rate more than 35% per year. A $200 billion marker with strength teaching faculty in registered institutes 9,881,000 and Pvt. Coaching centers and tuitions estimated around 6,000,000 with estimated 5,000,000 centers and infrastructure to support student strength of estimated 450,000,000.

    Till early 2017 we have around 357 online course portals with market of $3billion in India. But still not able to reach the mass population due to various reasons and language is one of the most prominent reason to affect learning and engagement through online modes. Second reason behind this is there is no development platform which can provide total course development support with free or self marketing mode and a market place to list.

    India have adopted a culture of tuition as the student learn the same course at tuition paying double for the same course where as the parents are unable to check the quality of language, method and expression .providing support to develop school courses by the same faculty to be accessed by the students for free through online methods and machine learning can save burden of tuition fees as well as quality check with digital interaction.

    The tier 2 and below cities have not gripped the online education transformation due to lack of knowledge, outreach to development and higher cost. Local market support always plays pivotal role in online business as its easy to trust and information can be taken straight from the horse’s mouth.