VI– INDIA Issues & challenges

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India & Role of CSR

India in 21st century moving with great pace in economics, trade, industry, agriculture, education, infrastructures and science, we are now exporting country without taking loans and grants from i....

V– aligning CSR Strategies

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Align CSR Strategies with Organizational Objectives

In our discussions and study and also visualizing the National & International scenario, today CSR has became the game changer for business as well demand of the ti....

IV– Social Impact Assessment

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Know Your Society or The Target Group

(Socio - Economic Survey)

Socio - Economic survey is an important part of any business organization to know about their core stakeholder the “communi....

III Stakeholders

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Triple Bottom Line Concept of CSR(PPP)

John Elkington in his book “Cannibals with Forks” in the year 1998 gave the concept of Triple bottom line. He said that a company's responsibility lie....

II Dimensions

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CSR-call of the time

  1. License:- to Operate.
  2. Innovation:-is a huge benefit to the company and society.
  3. Cost savings:....

Corporate Social Responsibility.(Basic-I ,Rise series)

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CSR concept

Numerous definitions of CSR are available on a simple click on internet, which will show you a large variety of definition differing from each other in many aspects but at its core all definition speaks about....