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Social responsibility does not require only “money & mandate”,
it entails humane feeling, management and intent to give back to society.
“To be responsible you need to understand ‘the society first.’ ”

Sociostark is committed to contribute in sustainable social business with inclusive growth through advisory, guidance, sharing expertise, enhancement of skill and knowledge through our robust networking & innovative solutions. Our objective is to bridge the gaps and missing links by sharing knowledge and skills to the corporate fraternity for sustainable business & societal growth.

Our solutions and services are innovative, based on ground realities under constant and continuous supervision of experts dealing with socio-economic issues. We have dedicated Professional team, responsible to give back to society, in accordance of the organizations’ vision, mission and objective with statutory requirements and compliance.

Today CSR is not limited to onetime activity or program done for charity, philanthropy or liaison, it has to be adopted in behavior & culture that needs to be aligned with business strategies, an organization needs sustainable growth along with socio economic development.

We believe social responsibility is concerned with ‘The triple bottom line’ - the people, planet and profit. All three are very delicate in nature, unpredictable, vary place to place, hence we design the solutions and services as per ground reality that helps the maximum SROI contributing to socio economic development of the community, as they are key stakeholder of business sustainability.


Connect with people, organizations and those have similar ideas; to boost your social agenda, content, vision and updates across the digital devices and networks.

Promote your social organization's agenda, achievement and updates to targeted audiences on digital platform. Drive awareness and leads in the simplified social networking site with dedicated dashboards. Easy to use free marketing and reach out tools. Connect with people and organizations and explore more with multi dimensional approach to sustainable growth.


We believe that social responsibility is concerned with people, planet and profit, all three are very delicate in nature, unpredictable, vary place to place with different environment, culture, need, expectation, and land laws at Sociostark we provide solutions and services as per ground reality that helps the organization to get maximum SROI ultimately contributing for socio economic development of the community as they are the key stakeholder of business process.

  • Policy formulation based on vision, mission and statute.
  • Framework designing with building workforce.
  • Aligning CSR in accordance of The Companies Act, 2013.
  • Alignment of CSR with International guidelines & benchmark.
  • Design interventions for sustainable business & inclusive growth.
  • Meeting stakeholder’s expectations & establish brand image.
  • Reporting & discloser for benchmark as well compliances.
  • Stakeholder’s engagement in CSR.
  • Partnership to mitigate business Risk & minimize Cost.
  • Advices for area specific initiatives for inclusive growth.
  • Conceptualization of Public Private Partnership and partnering.


We believe that sustainable growth of community results sustainable business growth, uninterrupted development, supply, production & marketing ultimately makes corporate function better & stronger. Our Solutions for business houses are based on rules framed in The Companies Act 2013, triple bottom line and responsible business give back to society, matching with vision, strategies & affordability with sustainability and SROI (Social return on investment).

  • Creation of CSR policy, Strategic planning based on need & affordability.
  • Design & plan of structured framework.
  • Demarcation of Short term & Long term Plans & initiatives. align them with your CSR objectives
  • Advice for selection of implementation agencies.
  • Develop strategies & roadmap of CSR to achieve social objectives.
  • Innovations of projects suitable for socio economic development of the targeted community on available resources.
  • Process of stakeholder’s engagement in CSR.
  • Road map designing for execution, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Project formulation of CSR initiatives with effective cost estimate & recourses mobilization.
  • Reporting & Discloser.


Under the ambit of - The Companies Act 2013

We believe that sustainable growth of community results sustainable business growth, uninterrupted development, supply, production & marketing ultimately makes corporate function better & stronger. Our Solutions for business houses are based on rules framed in The Companies Act 2013, triple bottom line and responsible business give back to society, matching with vision, strategies & affordability with sustainability and SROI (Social return on investment).

  • Planning, formulation and designing the corporate social responsibility in accordance of companies act 2013, section 135 & schedule VII.
  • Assessment of net profit and derive net available resources to invest.
  • Defining Responsibility of Board, CSR committee and authority of discloser & reporting.
  • Identification of projects, program and schemes within the indicative activities of schedule VII of the Act.
  • Matching CSR interventions to meet community need for inclusive societal growth as well leveraging business sustainability.
  • Mode and methodology of implementation, whether by its own or partnering, evaluation and selection of implementing agencies.
  • Strategic planning, budget allocation, program formulation and integration of program with other development partners. Integrating and pooling of resources, harnessing opportunity & available resources
  • Defining & designing the role and responsibility of CEO or MD or a Director of the company as required by the act for responsibility statement, discloser and reporting.
  • Stakeholder’s engagement & management, internal and external communication.


Today in 21st century the Corporate Social Responsibility is in the core of business policy and practice all over the world. Similarly of the corporate life CSR cannot be enacted for short term benefits it should be of long term and continuous. Sociostark carry and manage knowledge sharing of entire CSR span.

  • Policy frame work as per rule and mandate.
  • Structural framework.
  • CSR interventions as per needs and rules.
  • Execution pathway, strategic management procedure.
  • Predefined SOP, MIS, M&E.
  • Expertise to leveraging business and social development.
  • Implementation methodology.
  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting& discloser process.
  • Base line studies, Need assessment, Impact assessment, concurrent evaluation, periodic advice & corrections etc.
  • Establish corporate NGO partnership.
  • Develop communication channels & build strong social relationship.


Socio Economic Study,

Social Impact Assessment,

Social Impact Management & Need assessment.

Corporate require investing for societal growth which leads to sustainable business, than it is essential to know in detail about their core stakeholder “the community”, where they operate or intend to operate.

Socio Economic Study, Social Impact Assessment, Social Impact Management & Need assessment are very important tool for effective and efficient CSR, LA and R&R (RFCTLAAR). These base line studies needs scientific methodology, skill, ability, expertise and understanding of ground reality and community.

Any business whether it is infrastructure development or production or services or sales it has positive & negative impacts both over society, environment & community. Knowledge of these impacts in advance can help decision-makers in deciding there mitigation plan or otherwise for achieving the corporate objectives. It should not be one time only for obtaining license, it is important for day to day business activity to operate.

  • Socio Economic Survey of PAP, PAF, PAV & Periphery.
  • Social Impact Assessment PAP, PAF, PAV& Periphery.
  • Social Impact Management.
  • Management plan of mitigating Social Impact.
  • Need & Gap Analysis.


SWOT analysis i.e. organization’s ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats’ present in the internal & external environment. 

It involves the collection of information about the factors which have, or may have, an impact on business. We study, assess, visualize, examine & advice's. If required we train soft skill to the implementing agency. 

We find out the factors that give an edge to the company in meeting stakeholder’s expectations, regulatory compliances matching with global benchmarking within their required financial limitations and time frame.

An organization with sustainable vision and agenda only grows when they can assess & visualize threats for business in advance, unfavorable situations are the part of life & progress whether it is a man or corporate but identifying them to make strategic mitigation plan need skills & pro-activeness.

  • Identification of organizational Strength of CSR perspective,
  • Missing regulatory frame work & measuring level of core competencies.
  • Relationship of corporate, community, its key stakeholders & Govt.
  • Threats internal or external, own stakeholder directly or indirectly, identification of such threats in advance and develop mitigation strategy in advance is the right approach to do business with impact over the socio, cultural, economic & political turbulence.

Strategic management of Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R & R)

Infrastructure or heavy industrial project on one hand brings economic prosperity but at the same time they create an unpleasant and undesirable displacement of population from their ancestral habitat, uprooting them from their livelihood, immovable properties, their live stock wealth, religious and educational institutions with social disarticulation. The RFCTLARR Act 2013 had provided enough safe guard to displaced people as well affected people.

Having fair and transparent laws, rational corporate intentions there are many instances of community unrest, non cooperation and violent movements. But the “Sociostark” believe that Rehabilitation & Resettlement is the most sensitive & important aspect of project which decides the future of the project should be properly handled. Displacement is a painful process and every effort should be taken to avoid or minimize hardships of people‘s lives. We understand the ground reality that “displacement” is not “sacrifice” and demand of compensation is not “reward” it is their basic right of “entitlement.” We endeavor to make R & R plan based on identified factors and issues, develop execution methodology with active people’s participation.

We provide expert & skilled services in identifying factor of key issues and their solutions under ambit of law, acceptable to community & corporate. R & R Plan formulation as per statutory norms, suitable for affected families as well company. We design our support and services to the companies for effective and efficient R & R plan in two ways:

Empowering and sensitize involve workforce of company – how to proceed on the strategic pathway of R & R (training). Preparation of complete R & R plan and its management through following exemplar steps:

  • Profiling of PAV, PAF & PAP.
  • Socio economic survey (affected and displaced persons, family and village).
  • Social impact assessment (economic, cultural, gender, tribals and other vulnerable groups).
  • Social impact management plan.
  • Identification of Key social leaders of PAV.
  • Designing vision, mission objectives and principles of R & R Policy framework.
  • Communication, Clarification of central and state statutory policy framework & entitlement.
  • Public consultation, participation & discloser.
  • Valuation, Compensation, relocation.
  • Restoration of income and livelihood through multiple interventions.
  • Grievances redressal mechanism.
  • Institutional arrangement and implementation.
  • Budget and fund allocation for implementation of R & R.
  • Monitoring and Reporting, etc.

Empowering Social Sector Players

NGO, CSO, Trust, Foundation, Section 25A companies

The days are gone when NGO & Voluntary organizations were working on charity, donations for philanthropic purposes. Today the role has been changed as a facilitator of sustainable development. The need of the hour is to establish relationship with Government and Corporate to play major role in the development process in participatory role. We belie that, to meet the requirement the NGO needs to strengthen themselves in followings to become effective and efficient:

  • Organizational management.
  • Capacity building of manpower.
  • Project planning & presentation.
  • Financial planning.
  • Creativity& Innovation.
  • Resource mobilization.
  • Research & analysis of target partner.
  • Project Formulation & implementation methodology.
  • Communication & relationship.
  • Branding & Publicity.

Public Hearing

NGO, CSO, Trust, Foundation, Section 25A companies

Meeting “The challenges”

Today Public hearing is most important step and stage for the very initiation or inception of any infrastructure project involves. The public hearings are mandated by law. It includes issues like advocacy campaign of project proponent, clarify needs, communicate sense of community & environment concern, presents understandings on bottle neck issues of project proponent, open dialogue on the issues fallen in public mind and last not the least to gather information’s.

Sociostark can provide advisory services to project proponent in identification of challenges and their mitigation measures to make public hearing successful.

  • Managing timing of public hearing.
  • Advance planning.
  • Preparation of agenda.
  • Chose spokesperson for your issue & include your points.
  • Establish goals for the hearing.
  • Identification of location, date and time.
  • Ensure visual & audio accessibility.
  • Select facilitator & spokespersons.
  • Publicize mission, vision and objectives.
  • Identify & ensure supportive audiences.
  • Prepare brief introduction, benefits, impact and mitigation plan.
  • Arrangements of noting & recording.
  • Media Management.

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