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Published on September 22, 2017, 12:46 pm

In his article, Jared Bernstein, a Senior Fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, questions the widespread idea that automation, and more broadly, technological advances, have mainly contributed to this growing labor market problem.

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Alarming call for Corporate on CSR
Published on June 27, 2017, 1:02 pm

It was an early morning of January 30th 2017, while reading daily news papers, with a cup of tea. PM’s election rally, American President Trump’s opinion on some Muslim countries, Serena Williams wins 23rd Grand slam, Bhansali left Jaipur, practices of Indian cricket team for T 20 Nagpur match & many more. Everything seemed fine until one small news published in The Economics Times on “Over 530 cos may face action for CSR norm violations “made me upset. It had braced my fearful belief that many of the corporate are still not willing to accept the change of sustainability pathway and statutory compliance. As per my knowledge & perceptions, majority of corporate are violating the norms of mandatory CSR. The news was published in one of the reputed National News Paper from PTI source, so there was no point of disbelief. Now I am of the opinion that the numbers may go high. The news says that Govt. informed Rajya Sabha that assessment of 7334 companies for CSR expenditure the violation of norms is one part; another dangerous part revealed 4195 companies had not incurred single rupee on CSR. The news ringing the bell& reflects many things, such as many companies likely to face actions under the law; Govt. had issued notices to companies asking to furnish details under the act, Under the Act prosecution can be initiated against the erring companies, a final decision in this respect is yet to be taken, sources said. Meaning there by one can’t be at liberty to ignore their responsibility assured by the law. I am not a critic, but as a CSR professional the above scenario had raised many questions in context to Corporate & Corporate social responsibility:- There are Companies who are yet to get enlightened about Law & CSR. There are Companies who deliberately avoid or evade the statutory requirements. There are Companies who still unaware of “business sustainability is dependent of societal growth”. Understanding that Companies have no choice except to go with mandatory expectation. Companies had not understood CSR - How? What? When? For whom? Acceptance of stakeholder’s expectations & statutory compliances needs commitments more than investment. Therefore it is my advice “आत्म-चिंतन”& then “मंथन” that as a corporate how much Responsible, Accountable & Transparent we are? The law in context of CSR is very simple, self-explanatory, well-conceived and structured, flexible & of guiding nature, its nature is advisory instead of commanding, having an objective of sustainable business with societal growth. Identify weaknesses, search means and mode to strengthen, enhance and build capacity of your CSR team for execution of your companies CSR mission, vision and policy in accordance to law. The Govt. has given a guided framework through inclusion of CSR in the companies act with a high expectations, that the a very small fraction of their profit should be utilised as a catalyst for the sustainable growth of the society and in return of their investment, they get social licence to operate, earn respect, faith & trust of society, establish good brand image, retain quality employee, attract National as well International investors, edge over the sectoral competitiveness. By visualizing CSR in contexts of mandate as well as beyond mandate, that social responsibility of a corporate or business entity starts from the very first day of your business planning irrespective of your investment, profit & sectors. It is right time for Board, Directors, CEOs & especially green field Project heads to understand & appreciate the importance of CSR for business sustainability, impact on the socio-economy of the society and the environment to create long term values. Sincere advice to all, in regard to mandatory CSR, do it from “Dil Se” as it is an opportunity to harness societal potentiality for sustainable business. The sturdy framework provisioned in the act directs you to invest in a way that gives inclusive social growth & change your face from profit earner to Nation builder. Visualizing the present status of CSR in 3rd financial year of the implementation mandate ground reality is far from expectations, I don’t find much impact of CSR on the society at large.Visit states like Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand, Maharashtra where good numbers of PSU’S and Private Companies concentration are, but they unable to reach in much needed areas of concern where they operate. Yes there are problems& issues, I am confident that corporate commitment combined with their managerial efficiency can overcome or remove hurdles by taking these following steps:- Strategic planning of CSR effort & Investment. Change mind set, CSR is neither burden nor taxation. CSR workforce need to move from philanthropy to sustainability. Integrate key stakeholders in CSR activities. Make cross sector partnership, need based initiatives. Calculate & evaluate both tangible & non tangible impact. Do your SOWT analysis for better SROI. Anyone cannot do CSR effectively; it needs proper training, knowledge, capacity & commitment. Create strong structured frame work for implementation, monitoring, evaluation & reporting. Avoid practices of top to down theory, instead do project planning at ground level based on need, resources & opportunities. Mind it, CSR is a pivotal tool to bridge the gap between companies & community leading towards business sustainability. I feel that in the name of CSR we have not come out of the glossy photographs, using it as liaison and relationship management tool, we satisfy our ego by participating in conclave, sponsored stage shows. While concluding i would like to say that CSR is still at the bottom of corporate agenda, which needs to be kept at the top, it makes corporate responsible as a whole & specifically the Board

Increase of agriculture prodection

vegetable practice By SRI
Published on May 18, 2017, 7:18 am

Here the Lift irrigation system has been implemented in a ravine area (with vary undulating topography) and two sub-system have been installed to cover about 64 acres of lands. Most of the work as per design is completed. A few farmers have started using the system. However, it was found that farmers are facing difficulties in controlling the water discharged at outlets. Farmers themselves have started developing their lands with field bunding. This is very healthy indication. One farmer has adopted deep pit method to grow a few plants of chilli and brinjal. These showed promising result. It is reported that one chilli plant produced 900 gram of green chilly in single picking. The brinjal plants showed very good growth (with 70 odd fruits hanging from its branches). Suggestions and scope for improvement: A tank could be constructed at a selected outlet to demonstrate proper control over water discharged from the outlet. It was found that land condition with its steep slopes is not very conducive for practicing normal irrigation methods. The project demands innovative ways to manage irrigation water effectively. This has been discussed with the community. Pradeep would help in designing the tank and help Naina to implement it.Deep pit method of vegetables cultivations could be further tried in coming kharif season to promote vegetables in hill slopes. This would demonstrate the potential of vegetables cultivation in such terrain without investment terracing.

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